December 20th, 2018 *****

Beatrice is an exemplary tourist guide. She is intelligent, knowledgable, personable, enlightening, and entertaining. We took the Christmas in Provence tour with her, and it was a memorable experience. Her knowledge of Avignon, and ability to communicate it, got us off to a great start in our time there. We have tasted wine from all the world's significant regions and consider ourselves quite knowledgable. Notwithstanding that to the contrary Beatrice's performance at the winery was dazzling. What a great experience!

Jim Robles
Candidate for a Master of Arts in Liberal Studies at Duke University
Durham, North Carolina - USA

December 7th,2018 *****

Wine tasting with Beatrice was a highlight not just of my trip to France, but my many trips to Europe. Her knowledge and kindnes are inspiring and I learned a tremendous amount about wine and French culture and history.

Rob, Washington DC - USA

The wine tour was and amasing experience and I would recommend it to all travellers coming to ths area. Beatrice has not only a great knowledge about wine, but is very passionate about her work and wants you to get a very nice experience. I like especially that she let you developp your own opinions about the wien you tasted. She was also very helpful in our travel and tries to make your experience wonderful! This wine tour made our trip and I truly recommend her to everyone

Constance, Oslo -Norway 

October 31st, 2018 *****

Exceptional In-depth tour of Chateauneuf du Pape! I couldn't think of anything that could have improved Bea's tour, I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Flaneur, San Francisco - USA

September 10th,2018 ****

Visiting Chateauneuf is worthwhile- good tasting with wines and chocolate with down to earth explanations that I can remember easily. At another place some outdoor experience with different sort of grapes and finally some sightseeing.Beatrice is a very pleasant host that knows a lot about wine (in the industry for a long time). At the end a splendid recommendation to an amazing restaurant

André, Hamburg, Germany

September 12th, 2018

Myself and my partner were looking to do something dfferent on our visit to France.We sere hoping to get a good feel of how the locals lived and a taste of the local wine and food. Meeting Beatrice and spending half the day with her was amazing. We got to do all the things we were hoping to achieve. Visited the local markets, choose the foods for our picnic. We had a local wine tasting and got to see the local town of Nyons. Beatrice was fantastic. Her English was fluent and her knowledge of food and wine was exceptional. We were traveling back to Aix and wanted to visit some places of interest on our way back. Béatrice advised us of where to go and even called the Museum in Chateauneuf du Pape to organise our visit.

I would highly recommend Beatrice for her knowledge, friendliness and ability to make your time with her special

Phil and Yael, Sidney -  Australia

April 27th, 2019 

Exellent day with Bea

We,group of 6 friends, spent the day touring some very interestng Rhône area vineyards and chateau's. All of us have a good understanding of other French wine regions but wanted to know more about the Rhône area in particular. Bea did a wonderful job taking us to some fantastic locations and giving an in depth presentation along the way. We visited a nice variety of vineyards so we were able to taste many varietals from the area. A great day and we really enjoyed her company as well. We highly recommend her to anyone visiting the area 

Steve and Sarah Guida -Charleston - South Carolina USA